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As you prepare your little one for primary school, you may want to start with pre-K. As you likely know, all pre-K programs aren’t created the same. When you invest in the right curriculum, you may notice that music plays a big factor. Here are reasons why the best pre-K has music in their curriculum.

It Improves Math Skills

Giving a child a solid musical foundation can also positively impact their grades throughout their school years and beyond. Surprisingly, it can have a great effect on math skills. Many musical concepts are rooted in math principles. Therefore, it can enhance a child’s understanding of addition and ratios.

It Increases Socialization

Music plays a big role in socialization across cultures. People often listen to music and dance to it at parties. When it comes to your child, they’ll begin to interact and bond with their friends through music. A musical bond may start even earlier than that when a parent is also in tune with music. According to Edutopia, studies from researchers from the University of Toronto show that an adult was able to increase a one-year-old child’s social cohesion by simply keeping them in tow as they sang and danced to a musical beat.

It Ensures Attendance

For your child to graduate high school, you need to ensure they have proper attendance. Their increased likelihood of graduating high school and possibly college can start with a strong pre-K foundation. According to the Learning World, schools that have musical programs show a 94% attendance rate along with a 92% graduation rate.

It Helps with Language Learning

Gaining a foundation in music can also make it easier to learn another language. Children already have an easier time acquiring a second language compared to adults. Their ability to do so is greatly enhanced within the musical brain. After all, someone who studies music is already learning a new language.

To give your child the right step ahead in their education, do your due diligence by choosing the right pre-K facility. The best pre-K school understands the value of music, art, and overall creativity along with other subjects. To learn more about our musical curriculum and how your little one can benefit, contact us today for a tour of our Lynn-Rose Schools.

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