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Lynn-Rose School’s senior chess team has once again made a mark on the global stage in the annual International Schools Partnership (ISP) Chess Tournament. Demonstrating strategic prowess and a deep understanding of the game, our students have excelled in a competition that brings together over 200 participants from more than 10 different schools worldwide. This event underscores the game’s role in enhancing strategic thinking, collaboration, and global camaraderie among students.

The tournament’s structure, designed to test skill and resilience, included three rigorous rounds: Regionals in November and December, Semi-finals in January, and the Grand Finale slated for February 7th. Our team’s dedication and strategic brilliance were evident as they navigated through the challenges, securing a coveted spot in the finals and representing our school and region with pride. Their journey through the tournament has not only showcased their individual talents but also the spirit of teamwork and the international camaraderie fostered through such competitive engagements.

A standout moment came when Christopher X., a Grade 12 student from Lynn-Rose, achieved an impressive second place in the overall individual rankings – a testament to the high level of skill and dedication our students bring to the chessboard.

Under the guidance of Ms. Jennifer Sumra, our International Learning Opportunities Coordinator and senior teacher, our chess team’s achievements highlight the benefits of extracurricular activities in developing critical thinking and application skills. As our team prepares for the semi-finals, the Lynn-Rose community is rallying behind them, eager to see their continued success.

This tournament exemplifies the enriching experiences offered through Lynn-Rose School’s participation in ISP’s ILOs, fostering not only academic excellence but also global connections and lifelong skills. As we look forward to the semi-finals and beyond, we celebrate the achievements of our students and their contribution to the proud legacy of Lynn-Rose School in international competitions.

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