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Our Grade 5 students recently had an enriching and memorable educational experience as part of their Canadian Government unit. They embarked on a visit to Queen’s Park, the heart of Ontario’s legislative process, where they had the opportunity to delve deeper into the workings of our government.

The trip was much more than a simple tour; it was a journey into the real world of politics and governance. The students explored the historic Legislative Assembly, where they witnessed the vibrant and lively nature of democracy in action. Observing a live debate, they gained firsthand insight into how policies and laws are discussed and shaped, an experience that brought their classroom learning vividly to life.

One of the highlights of the visit was the opportunity to see key figures in the provincial government in action. The students were thrilled to witness Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs), the Premier, and the Speaker, offering them a unique perspective on the roles and responsibilities of these officials.

Adding to the excitement, our school’s local MPP, Ms. Nina Tangri from Mississauga-Streetsville, expressed her delight in having Lynn-Rose School students in attendance. Her enthusiasm for our visit underscored the importance of engaging young people in the democratic process and the value of educational visits like these.

This excursion to Queen’s Park was not just an educational outing; it was an inspiring experience for our students. It emphasized the importance of being informed and engaged citizens and provided a practical understanding of the Canadian government system. At Lynn-Rose School, we believe in providing such dynamic learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom, nurturing our students’ curiosity and understanding of the world around them.

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