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International Baccalaureate

Cultivating Inquisitive Minds and Personal Excellence through the IB Programme

At Lynn-Rose School, we embrace the International Baccalaureate’s emphasis on developing well-rounded, critical thinkers.

As an IB World School, we offer the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP), providing a comprehensive and globally-focused curriculum that extends beyond academic excellence. This curriculum encourages students to explore both local and global contexts and fosters multilingual and multicultural competencies.


The Lynn-Rose

Our commitment to the International Baccalaureate Programme shapes individuals who understand their global responsibility. At Lynn-Rose, students strive to embody the IB learner profile, encompassing attributes essential for academic, social, and emotional success.

The IB Learner Profile:

Fueled by curiosity, they engage with enthusiasm and sustain a love for learning.

They delve into diverse disciplines, addressing significant issues both locally and globally.

They use critical and creative thinking skills for ethical decision-making.

They express themselves confidently and collaboratively.

They act with integrity and respect, understanding the impact of their actions.

Valuing diverse cultures and experiences, they are willing to grow from them.

They demonstrate empathy and strive to make a positive difference.

Resilient in the face of challenges, they are open to new ideas.

They seek intellectual, physical, and emotional balance to achieve personal well-being.

They reflect on their strengths and areas for growth, driving continuous learning and development.


Our inquiry-based approach, central to the IB philosophy, engages students actively in their education.

Through the Units of Inquiry, we encourage critical thinking, curiosity, and a quest for knowledge across disciplines.

This method connects students deeply with the world and ignites a passion for lifelong learning.


We prioritize a nurturing environment that supports our students’ overall well-being. The principles of the IB Learner Profile integrate into our social-emotional learning approach, aiding students in understanding and managing emotions, setting and achieving goals, empathizing with others, and forming positive relationships.

At Lynn-Rose, we prepare students for life’s challenges beyond traditional academics.

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