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International Learning Opportunities

At LRS, we cultivate globally-conscious citizens prepared to positively impact the world.

As an ISP School, we open doors to unique learning experiences that go beyond traditional classroom confines. Our students have the opportunity to connect with their peers across the world, share insights, and grow together on a shared learning journey.


Go Beyond

Expand Your Horizons

Why International

The Power of Global Connections

The enriching experiences provided by international learning are some of the most formative your child can experience. They allow students to connect and share with other ISP students from various countries, build enduring friendships, and gain knowledge of different cultures and traditions.

Developing Essential Skills

International learning not only broadens students’ cultural horizons but also helps them develop vital skills. From enhancing their language and communication skills to encouraging critical thinking, confidence, and leadership, these experiences equip students for success in an increasingly interconnected world.

Enriching Global Experiences


Our diverse international programs inspire curiosity, foster skills, and nurture global understanding:

ISP students from around the world come together to experience an educational simulation of a real UN Conference. This activity invites the school community to join a real-life committee representing a country’s delegation.

The task is to debate with other countries to solve an international issue in a diplomatic manner following the ideals from the Charter of the United Nations.

Budding ISP filmmakers complete a four-month course learning about everything from storyboarding to special effects in sessions delivered by experts from the film industry. The course gives students the tools they need to work in teams to script, film and edit their own short film.

Aspiring ISP scientists take part in a series of workshops, learning about plastics and developing their skills in survey methodology, data collection and analysis, and science communication. Participants design their own STEM investigation and are given access to cutting-edge machine-learning technology from Ellipsis Earth to test their hypothesis and complete their research.

Through the ISP Futures campaign we want to support our students to take action, for our schools to deliver Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), and to offset and reduce our environmental impact as a wider organisation. Working together, ISP schools are making positive changes, reducing our environmental impact, and creating a community of environmentally aware citizens.

Our partnership with SCU provides students with opportunities to hear from, connect with, and support some of the most vulnerable young people in the world, fostering empathy and a better understanding of global social issues.

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