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Many schools have removed art and music from their curricula as they have deemed it frivolous. However, good private institutions understand the value that art and music bring to any student’s life. Read on to find out how art and music education can lead to long-term success in high schools and beyond.

Better Scores and Grades

Did you know that extended art and music study can help your student with their other grades? According to Americans for the Arts, students with four years of arts and music study score an average of over 150 points higher on the SAT than students who take only one semester or less. Art and music study can involve a deeper level of cognition and concentration, which can translate into better test-taking skills and overall study ability.

More Focus

When someone creates a painting or plays a musical piece, it involves great focus. After all, when one learns music, they’re learning a whole new language. Art and music study forces someone to tap into different parts of their brain. The intense focus that one must have can transfer to other areas of life such as sports, tests, language learning, and so on.

Enhanced Problem Solving Skills

Art and music involve creativity. When high schools make these subjects part of their curricula, they’re giving students more access to improving their problem-solving skills. They may be working from a blank slate and finding a solution to creating a musical or visual masterpiece. Being creative gives them the ability to see things non-creative people can’t. They may have a better attitude when it comes to solving a problem because they’re not working from a closed point of view.

While STEM education is vital, ideal high schools also understand that art and music are just as essential. For your child to thrive to their capacity, you should place them in an environment where art and music are just as available as any other subject matter. The long-term benefits of this training show up in other areas of their life. Being able to work creatively during their primary schooling years helps create more focus, better cognition, improved problem-solving skills, and even higher grades overall. To learn about our private institution and our art and music programs, contact Lynn-Rose Schools today with any questions you have.

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