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There are likely some things that you don’t know about your local private high schools, and the facts may shock many people. Here are five little-known facts about your local private high schools.

1. More Kids Go to Private School Than You Think

While private schools have smaller class sizes and the community is far smaller than in a public school setting, many kids go to private schools. In fact, according to the Department of Education, about 5 million kids attend private schools. These students have parents who want their children to succeed academically and know attending a private school is a great way to achieve their goals.

2. More Kids Go on to College from Private Schools

According to the Department of Education, private high school graduates are more likely to earn a bachelor’s or advanced degree by the time they are in their middle 20s than those who attend public schools. Additionally, more private school kids go to college than public school kids. Private schools are committed to academic excellence, and it shows. Kids who attend private school develop a love of learning and surpass their public school peers in academics.

3. Private Schools Are Quite Private

While most private schools ensure that state minimum mandates for schools are met, that is where the compliance ends. Private schools design their curriculum and only answer to their board members and the parents who send their children there. There is much less red tape at private schools because no government agencies are involved in private school education. It is a much more intimate relationship between parents and educators than you find in a public education setting.

4. Private Schools Can Be Affordable

A shocking fact about local private high schools is that they can be affordable. Most schools offer payment programs for tuition and some schools even offer scholarships. It is a misconception that private schools are cost-prohibitive.

5. Private Schools Offer Diverse Curriculum

Private schools cater to the learners enrolled at the school. They offer classes that students find interesting. Most private schools offer second language classes, STEM-focused curricula, and opportunities in the arts. A local private school can have a diverse curriculum to seize the interest of any student.

There is a lot more to learn about private schools. Call your local private high school today at Lynn-Rose School to learn more. We’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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