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Learning to play an instrument and read music can provide a child with a lifetime of musical enjoyment and benefits. According to Edutopia, learning to read and play music strengthens language skills, improves reading comprehension, and enhances memory and the ability to pay attention. If you have a child in elementary school who is learning to play an instrument, here are four tips to encourage consistent practice at home.

1. Create a Quiet Space

A student who is enrolled in an elementary school could be wary of practicing their instrument where others can hear. They might be especially self-conscious about making mistakes or playing out of tune. If so, your child would practice less and hinder their potential development. Ensuring your child has a quiet and private practice area at home will help encourage frequent practicing while learning to play an instrument and read music. It also will help boost your child’s musical confidence and competence.

2. Use a Second Instrument for Practicing at Home

When a child is playing in an elementary school band, it might be burdensome to carry an instrument back and forth every day. Whenever possible, it helps to buy a quality instrument that your child can use to practice at home while using a different one for practice when they are in class. This way, there’s no such thing as forgetting their instrument and skipping practice at home!

3. Ensure Your Child Has a Quality Instrument

It’s important to ensure your child has a high-quality instrument to practice with. It will stay in tune and hold up for countless hours of practice. Your little one won’t be discouraged when they have an instrument they can be proud to play!

4. Offer Guidance

You may not know how to play the instrument your little one is learning, but you can still be helpful while they practice at home. Encourage your child to take their time when they practice. Also, be sure they have room in their schedule at least three days a week after school hours to apply what they’ve learned in the comfort of your home.

Here at Lynn-Rose School, we prioritize music and arts in addition to academic performance. Contact us to learn more about our Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12 programs in Mississauga, ON!

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