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Whether you’re from Canada or you’ve recently moved to the beautiful country, there is a myriad of educational options for your children. However, the best school to consider for your family is a private institution. Let’s look at a few reasons why a private academy will provide an excellent experience for your children ranging from junior kindergarten through grade 12.


When it comes to academics, Canadian primary and secondary institutions consistently rank among the best in the world. Such private schools place highly in global rankings for quality of education because academic standards are high. Your child will be challenged in a facility focused on holistic learning while fostering social-emotional development.

Top private institutions in Canada also offer International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programmes (PYP) and Middle Years Programmes (MYP). Learners are exposed to multilingual and multicultural competencies to become critical and well-rounded thinkers. IB Programmes focus on fostering several characteristics among students: knowledge, inquiry, communication, open-mindedness, balance, care, reflection, and more.

International Schools Partnership (ISP) programmes are also available when you send your children to a top private institution in Canada. ISP institutions partner with academies around the world with the purpose of uniting learners for a shared educational experience. Global connections are crucial for students of all ages, as they learn about various cultures and traditions practiced by their ISP counterparts.


Outside of classes, Canadian institutions offer an engaging student experience for children of all ages. Getting involved in clubs and other extracurricular activities is an integral part of the best school experience. Your child will have fun and make new friends.

Becoming involved in activities such as Model UN, chess team, field trips, filmmaking, and STEM investigation is crucial. While academic in nature, such extracurriculars also offer opportunities for students to socialize, investigate, discover their interests, learn outside of the classroom, and spearhead their own academic growth. Plus, such involvement ensures a well-rounded experience for your child.

As you weigh your educational options for your children, don’t overlook the advantages of private schools in Mississauga. They deliver an outstanding academic experience and engaging extracurricular opportunities. When you’re looking for the best school in the greater Mississauga, ON region, get in touch with Lynn-Rose School. We are proud to offer IB Programmes as well as a top ISP Programme.

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