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If you’ve moved to a new area, you’re probably looking into the different school options for your children. Perhaps you’re not satisfied with what the typical public schools have to offer; maybe you’re just looking for something different, like a private school. Although around 78% of all private school students attend religiously-affiliated schools, going to a private school doesn’t mean you have to go to a religious school. An international school is also an option.

But if you aren’t very familiar with international schools, you may be uncertain about what they actually have to offer your children. That’s why we’re here to help. There is plenty that your child can get from this type of school. With that being said, let’s dive into some of their more exciting attributes!

1. Exchange Programs

Becoming a foreign exchange student can be an exciting opportunity. Students living with a host family can enjoy their new atmosphere and learn about a different culture. While foreign exchange programs are not as common as they once were, this is a feature that many of these schools pride themselves on. With that being said, if you want your child to have the best possible chance at experiencing the world abroad, this type of school is the best option.

2. Foreign Languages Classes Taught by Native Speakers

Learning a foreign language is difficult. While people can certainly teach a second language that is not their primary language, there are certain advantages that come from learning from native speakers. Therefore, it’s a major advantage that teachers at these schools tend to come from a country that the foreign students aren’t familiar with. Not only do students potentially learn a second language from native speakers; they can learn from people who come from different cultures.

3. Classmates from Other Countries

The fact is that the world needs more understanding right now. Your child will find it easier to connect with people from other countries as they grow up if they meet those people from the start, at a young age. The international classrooms are truly beneficial to children, allowing them to make friends that will ideally last for a lifetime.

While an international school can be a challenge for some students, ultimately it can make a big difference in their lives. Talk to your child, about the possibility!

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