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Last month, Ms. Jennifer Yirenkyi, representing ISP’s US & Canada region, embarked on a 10-day journey to Chennai, India, volunteering with Street Child United. This organization, dedicated to advocating for street-connected children, harnesses the unifying power of sports to amplify their voices on a global stage.

Ms. Yirenkyi’s experience began with an overwhelming first day. “Meeting 191 children from 19 countries was heart-wrenching yet inspiring,” she recalls. “Their eyes narrated stories of hardship, but the resilience and hope they carried was truly moving.”

Street Child United’s approach goes beyond just sports; it focuses on holistic development through education and empowerment. Ms. Yirenkyi’s days were filled with coaching cricket in the Chennai heat, but also participating in educational and self-development programs. “SCU’s commitment to breaking the cycle of poverty through holistic development is remarkable,” she stated.

The connections made were unforgettable. Ms. Yirenkyi shared, “The stories of resilience, dreams, and the transformative power of solidarity were deeply impactful. These children, often marginalized, found strength in their shared experiences.” This unity was a testament to the event’s impact and Street Child United’s mission.

The journey left an indelible mark on Ms. Yirenkyi. “There were tears for the winners and losers of the cricket matches, but more so for the challenges these children face every day,” she reflected. “The voice they built to demand change was empowering.”

Ms. Yirenkyi returned with a renewed commitment to advocate for street children’s rights, a mission strongly supported by the Lynn-Rose community. Their consistent dedication and financial contributions to Street Child United have been crucial. “Our partnership with SCU is a testament to our community’s commitment to advocating for children’s rights globally,” she emphasized. This collaboration is a shining example of Lynn-Rose School’s dedication to global citizenship and social responsibility.

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