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Selecting an elementary school for your child is not an easy process. There are many schools out there, which makes it even more complicated to select one. Elementary schools basically care for your child. According to Census Bureau data, about 30% of young children are cared for by nonrelatives regularly. This amounts to about 6.7 million children in the United States and includes 4.8 million children who attend elementary schools and daycare facilities. If your child will be a part of this number, you’ll want to carefully select an elementary school for them. Here are some questions to ask when selecting an elementary school for your child.

How Many Children Are in Each of Your Classes?

Class size is very important regarding the quality of education. Ideally, you should enroll your child in a school that has small class sizes. Such situations enable the teacher to know each student personally and figure out what they struggle with. This personalized attention also leads to better student engagement and differentiated attention. You should also go a step further and understand how the school you are looking into takes advantage of small class sizes.

Do You Offer Any Extracurricular Activities?

A good elementary school offers many extracurricular activities. This includes art and science programs, sports teams, community service, and lunch clubs. It would be best if the school offered extracurricular activities that meet your child’s needs and interests. For example, if your child loves soccer, they will benefit more if you enroll them in a school with a functional soccer team. The same goes for art and science. The extracurricular activities you look for should be centered on what your child is interested in.

What Qualifications Do Your Teachers Have?

At an elementary school, your child will spend a lot of time with teachers. As such, it makes sense to look into the teachers’ qualifications. You should also find out if there are any professional development opportunities available for them. How your child is taught is a major factor affecting the quality of their education. You should choose an elementary school with passionate, dedicated, and well-trained teachers. A school that invests, supports, and commits to the growth and success of its educators is a good place for your child to be.

Choosing elementary schools for your child is an exciting process. However, you should take it seriously. The elementary school will establish a foundation for your child to build upon. Are you looking for a good elementary school for your child? Get in touch with us today at Lynn-Rose Schools.

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