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A local private high school might be one of the best investments a parent can make in their child’s future. Private schools have many advantages over public schools, setting them apart and making them a great choice for students looking to get ahead. Here are just some of the reasons why private schools provide your child with a better chance of graduating from college.

Better college Prep courses

Around 95% of non-parochial private high schoolers move on to four-year colleges compared to just 49% of public school graduates, according to College Transitions. One of the many reasons private school students feel more comfortable making the transition to college is because they have access to more rigorous courses. Private schools often offer more AP and honors classes, giving students a better chance of brushing up on their skills and knowledge so that they’re better prepared for life after high school.

Smaller class sizes

Another great benefit of attending a local private high school is the fact that they often feature smaller class sizes. This allows teachers to provide more individualized attention and support, giving students a better chance of comprehending the material and engaging in meaningful dialogue with their peers. Smaller class sizes also allow students to form stronger relationships with other students and teachers, which can make them more confident when they’re facing the outside world.

Flexible curriculum

Many private schools also offer a more flexible curriculum than public schools. This gives students the opportunity to explore different topics and avenues of study that may not be offered in traditional classrooms. As a result, they can gain a better understanding of the world around them and develop skills that will be beneficial for college and beyond.

Higher expectations

At most private high schools, teachers set higher expectations for their students. This means students are more likely to strive harder to achieve their goals and reach their potential. Private schools also often include more discipline in the classroom, which helps keep students on track and prevents them from getting distracted or falling behind.

Private schools allow for a more personalized educational experience, with better college prep courses and smaller class sizes as well as flexible curriculum and higher expectations. By investing in your child’s education at a private school, you are giving them the best chance of succeeding in life after high school. If you need help with choosing a local private high school, give us a call today!

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