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Summer camps offer an excellent opportunity for children to play outside and socialize with peers! With a long summer ahead of us, enrolling your child in a camp can help them stay socialized with other kids in the area. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 10% of students attend private schools in the United States and most of these kids also attend summer camps. Let’s find out why you should be thinking of sending your child to a summer camp and what advantages it provides.

Making New Friends

Summer camps can help your children meet other kids their age from other schools. This can help them get out of their typical setting and enhance their social skills. At summer camps, your children can join a cabin group or make a new group of friends they might not have met if you didn’t enroll them. Campers also get the opportunity to develop healthy relationships with role models, including camp counselors, older campers, and leaders, in addition to making new friends and lasting connections. Creating new friendships is also beneficial for improving one’s confidence and self-image.

Time With Nature

Who wouldn’t want the chance to disconnect and spend time outside after a year of heightened screen time? Children can spend time at summer camp in a calm setting with space to run around, a lake to swim in, woods to explore, and fresh air to breathe in. Overall, children find summer camps to be a tremendously enjoyable, healthy, and rewarding experience.


Summer camps are frequently the only time many kids spend time away from home. While this could be daunting for some, it’s also a great chance to develop independence and self-worth. In a secure, supervised setting, children practice making decisions without their parents, which is good for growth.

Resilience and Confidence

Summer camps encourage children to step out of their comfort zones. Through activities such as high ropes courses and wilderness camping, young campers learn that failure is part of the learning process and that setbacks can be overcome with perseverance. As mentioned above camp experiences cultivate independence but also resilience and self-esteem, translating into improved performance both at home and in school.


Camp environments provide a productive ground for leadership development. Through collaborative activities and mentorship opportunities, children gradually build confidence, communication skills, and teamwork abilities. These further equip children and prepare them for future roles as responsible citizens and effective leaders.

Active Play

Summer camps provide a sanctuary for unstructured, active play. Children have the freedom to explore, create, and interact with peers in a fun and imaginative environment. Active play not only promotes physical health but also nurtures creativity, social skills, and resilience.

Continuing Education

Last but not least, summer camps offer a holistic approach to learning, combining cognitive and emotional development through hands-on activities. Children engage in experiential learning that reinforces academic concepts and fosters practical life skills. The immersive and interactive nature of camp ensures that learning is both enjoyable and impactful.

In conclusion, sending your child to summer camp offers many benefits that extend far beyond the sunny months. They offer a safe atmosphere where kids can begin to take their first independent steps away from home and school, this is why as a parent, you should consider sending your child to summer camps in Mississauga. If you are interested in finding one for this summer or next, reach out to us today and learn all about our great camp. Start planning for your child’s summer adventure today!

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