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You want your child to excel at both academics and sports if they love to play soccer, basketball, baseball, or another sport. It might be best to send them to a local private high school instead of a public district to help them achieve those goals. Here are a few reasons why.

More Sport Offerings

Public schools are at the mercy of the funding that they receive from the state, which can limit the number of sports that they can offer. Privately-run schools, which are funded by donations, can provide more options. According to Private School Review, the average number of sports offered by institutions across the nation was seven in 2022. Your child will have a better chance of being able to play the sport that they like!

Better Resources

An academy will likely have better equipment, which will give your child a better opportunity to play with confidence. If they play baseball, they will have better bats and helmets, for example. They may even have batting cages on campus, whereas a public district wouldn’t likely have these high-quality resources.

More Attention

The student-to-teacher ratio at a local private high school is typically much smaller than a public district. This means your child will be able to get more one-on-one time with the teacher so that they can succeed academically. When a kid is successful in academics, they are eligible to play sports, too. Colleges may also scout academies to see if there are any chances to entice your child to play a particular sport at a top university.

Teamwork Skills

Going to a privately-run institution can also give your child a chance to bond with other people with similar interests. It can help them make friends for life, both in the classroom and on the field. Since academies have fewer students than public districts, student-athletes can truly bond and learn teamwork skills that will help them in their futures.

Are you looking for a local private high school? Do you live in or near Mississauga, Ontario? We have an excellent program for kids as well as summer camps. Please contact our staff at Lynn-Rose School for more information today. We are excited to meet your child!

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