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As parents you want your little one to reach their full potential, therefore the educational choices you make for them will impact the rest of their life. You can find the best elementary school for your kid when you choose the private education route. With about 10% of students in the U.S. currently attending a private academy, according to ThoughtCo, let’s look at a few reasons why more parents are choosing this option.


Private schools have a greater amount of flexibility in choosing curricula and teachers than their public counterparts. While public districts are under rigid guidelines to adhere to certain curricula standards and hiring practices, privately-run institutions can develop their own curricula standards and hiring practices. This gives them a distinct advantage. If you are concerned with your child receiving a rigorous education that includes the highest standards, you should consider a private education.

Social Expectations

When you enroll your child in the best elementary school, you can rest assured that the students attending with your child come from families with similar value systems. This helps academies develop a unique community, which can be very beneficial to students. In public education, students lack this tight-knit community of like-minded people. A setting like this can contribute to social issues within the district that are very distracting from the learning process.


Privately-run institutions provide a plethora of extracurricular opportunities for students to explore. Through these opportunities, kids can discover their talents and voice. They will also get the opportunity to learn important team-building skills that can be more difficult to learn in a classroom environment.

Safer Learning Environment

With rising concerns about safety within public buildings, this item should definitely be high on your list of priorities. Larger public districts can experience difficulties when it comes to student safety, as it’s generally harder to keep higher numbers of people safe. On the other hand, academies are smaller; therefore, the administration team has better options for creating safety plans with the help of knowledgeable teachers and staff members.

If you want your child enrolled in the best elementary school, consider a private education at Lynn-Rose School in Mississauga, ON. Contact our friendly staff today for more information. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

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