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Your child has grown into a teenager and it’s time for you to start looking at high schools. While academics should play a big part in your decision, you do want them to be ready for college, therefore what they do after the final school bell has rung can be equally important. Here are some activities to consider when evaluating prospective schools.


It’s important for students to bond with each other outside of the classroom. Having retreats – chaperoned, of course – can be a great way for them to learn more about each other in a relaxed environment. It can be anything from going to a baseball game to camping to going on a ski trip.

Theater Productions

Schools have a lot of opportunities for those who have an artistic side to them. There are art clubs, and there are also theater productions – usually, they focus on one play a year. It’s a great way for your teen to use an outlet.

Senior Prom

One of the highlights of almost all high schools is senior prom. It’s a special day for all the teens who are about to graduate. They get to dress up and celebrate their previous academic experience. The school can rent a great site for the prom and help create memories that will last for a lifetime.

Youth Ministries

These are for the ones who go to religiously affiliated high schools. There are plenty of things you can have your child do there, including going to morning mass, serving at the altar, and helping campus ministry. This is a great way for your child to learn more about their spirituality.

There are other things, like sports for those who have athletic ability, but there is most likely something for everyone. For many teens, these four years can be a complex time as it can be hard for some of them to fit in. They may have an easier time with it by joining one or more of these activities. It allows them to find people who have similar interests, and they could wind up making lifelong friends.

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