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This year’s Virtual Model United Nations (MUN) conference was a significant moment for Lynn-Rose School, marking both a period of rebuilding and a time of exceptional achievement. Under the guidance of Mr. Alex Smith, our MUN team entered the conference with a focus on growth and learning. The results, however, surpassed our expectations.

Two of our team members were honored with roles as Dias members, also known as The Bureau in the United Nations. This recognition is a testament to their expertise and understanding of global affairs. Additionally, two of our new student participants, affectionately termed “rookies”, received awards of merit – a remarkable accomplishment for their first MUN experience.

Our pride extends to a senior student who not only was recognized as a plenary speaker but also received the prestigious ‘Best Delegate’ award. This achievement reflects the high level of dedication and skill that our students bring to these global discussions.

The entire team gained invaluable experience, setting the stage for future successes. We are immensely proud of our MUN competitors and extend our heartfelt thanks for their hard work, resilience, and early morning dedication.

Special appreciation goes to Jaireet and Kamaljeet, our Co-Presidents of the MUN club, for their exceptional leadership and support in preparing the team. Their efforts have been instrumental in the team’s success.

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce that Lynn-Rose School will be attending its first in-person MUN conference in March. This is a thrilling opportunity for our students to engage in global dialogues and showcase their skills in a dynamic, real-world setting. The future of LRS MUN is bright, and we are eager to witness the continued growth and success of our club.

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