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A new school year can be very stressful, no matter how old your child is. The routine is different and there is more pressure on them to succeed than they might have ever felt before. Your support is essential in helping your child succeed in school. Here are a few ways you can help.

Demonstrate Support for Learning at Home

Children are going to pick up on their parents’ attitudes. If you care about school and learning, make it obvious at home. Make their education a priority for both of you. Take up activities where you are learning new things. Show your child that self-improvement and education matter. Whether you show it directly or indirectly, they will notice and it will impact how they feel about school.

Help Your Child with Schoolwork

Sit down with your child to go over their work. You might not think this is helpful if you don’t understand the subjects, especially with older students. However, you can have them teach you as a way to solidify it in their own mind. You can also hire a tutor to help them or show them how to navigate extra help through the school. This kind of support will keep schoolwork at the front of your child’s mind. It can also improve their scores, especially on standardized tests. While the average SAT score is about 1060, the average score in private schools is higher, usually 1235. Extra support is part of this increase.

Connect with Their Teachers

You and your child’s teachers should be a team when it comes to supporting your child during the school year. Make sure that you’re in regular contact with the classroom teacher and any support teachers your child might work with. They will be the ones working with your child regularly and you can complement each other in your approaches to their education.

Promote a Healthy Routine

The new school year is a great time to set up a good routine. Make sure that your child gets plenty of sleep, time to work on homework, and time to take a break. This will keep them healthy and energized for school each day.

By putting these tips into use, you can give your child a good foundation for success during the new school year. Regardless of their grade level, family support makes a very big difference!

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