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Some international schools do require an interview process. However, others do not. The admission policy varies from one school to another. The best way to find out more about the admission process is to contact the school directly and ask.

Does My Child Have to Take a Test to Be Admitted?

In some cases, your child will have to take a test to assess literacy and math skills. The test is usually for placement purposes and is not a pass/fail type of test. In other words, the testing is in place to ensure that a child is established in the right classes, not to determine admission.

Does My Child Have to Learn a Second Language?

In most international schools, children are taught the host country’s language through dual immersion programs. However, your child does not have to speak the language of the host country to be accepted into the program.

Will My Child Be Able to Get into University After Completing an International School Program?

Universities around the world accept the credentials earned at international schools. The education that your child receives will prepare them for study at a four-year university of their choice.

Is There Boarding Available?

Some international schools offer boarding options while most do not. Boarding is not a requirement to take advantage of this education option. However, it is still a good question to ask.

Choosing the right education setting for your child is critical to their academic success. International schools focus on academic excellence with a broad worldview. In this global economy, international schooling can be a huge asset to any student. Make an appointment today to tour an international school and learn more. Call us at Lynn-Rose School today.

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