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Are you looking for a school where your child can thrive academically and be prepared for college? According to Ebrary, about 95% of non-parochial private high school graduates go on to four-year postsecondary learning institutions compared to 49% of public school graduates. It’s, therefore, safe to assume that private school students have a better chance of going to college than their public counterparts. Here’s how the best private school prepares students for college.

Focus on Advanced Placement Courses

These courses have long been the gold standard for credits earned toward college in high schools. Within these advanced learning courses, each student is awarded college credit upon passing. These courses are usually quite challenging, and they play a huge role in preparing students for college. Private schools put a lot of emphasis on these courses and encourage their students to take them seriously. As a result, you find that more students have better passes on advanced placement courses, which makes their entry into colleges easier.

Quality Education

Most private schools are known for their outstanding quality of education, which is why the majority of parents want to enroll their kids in the best one. One of the most important factors considered by colleges is the quality of the high school a student attended. A student who attends the best private school will stand a good chance of getting into a college program because of the reputation of their school alone.

Ability Grouping

The majority of private schools better accommodate the learning needs of their students by offering smaller class sizes and ability grouping. Research shows that these tactics affect learning outcomes significantly. Smaller classes enable teachers to give their students more individualized attention, which makes it easier for teachers to know their students. Most private institutions have at most 15 students which help ensure each student gets individualized attention from the teacher. As you might imagine, more one-on-one time means better grades and better chances of getting into college.

Private schools are set up in a way to help students be better prepared for the challenges they will face in the future, which is why graduates generally stand a better chance of going to college. Are you interested in enrolling your child in the best private school? Get in touch with us today to start the enrollment process.

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