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Selecting the best high school for your child is important, as it plays a key role in whether the student is prepared for college or even if they go to college. According to College Transitions, a recent study found that approximately 95% of non-parochial private graduates attend a four-year college or institution, compared to just 49% of public graduates. This may cause you to wonder how top academies ensure your child is prepared and ready for college. Read on to learn more.

Offering Courses That Prepare Students for College

One of the ways that the best high schools ensure college course preparedness is by offering higher-level classes, such as those in an International Baccalaureate program or AP courses. Teachers follow rigorous curriculums to ensure students are ready for their tests and can score well. Students are taught how to study, write proper essays, and take difficult exams, which are all aspects of college coursework.

Developing Skills and Habits That Teens Can Take with Them to College

Another way that an excellent institution can prepare your teen for college readiness is by helping them develop the proper skills and habits. Kids do not always have the tools they need to be successful in college because no one ever taught them the ideal time management or research skills. Top schools ensure students understand the resources available to them, such as planners and calendars for time management as well as librarians and research assistants for investigations.

Having Resources to Help Students Apply for College

The final way that the best high schools ensure college course preparedness is by having the resources that students need to select and apply for colleges, scholarships, and grants. Quality academies will ensure both parents and students are aware of important deadlines during the application process and may even hold special meetings in the evenings to go over the specifics with families looking to send their teens to college.

If you are looking to find the best prep school for your student, we invite you to learn more about Lynn-Rose School. We offer International Baccalaureate programs and work hard to ensure your child is prepared and ready to succeed when they get to college. Reach out to us today to schedule a tour!


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