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In schools across the country, class size varies greatly. The increase in private and specialty schools provides more flexibility and opportunities for smaller classes. This article explains some of the many ways in which small class sizes are beneficial for students.

Personalized Attention

In an ideal classroom, the teacher is attentive and aware of each student and their needs. For instance, the best high school would be one in which each student is known and cared for, and lessons and assignments are tailored for the success of each individual. The challenge for teachers is already great, but it can be impossible when there are dozens of students in one class. Small class sizes, such as those with student-to-teacher ratios of 12:1, are quite common in private schools, and this allows each student to get the attention and care they need.

Improved Engagement

Studies have proven that students engage and participate more when there are fewer students in the classroom. This is even true of kids who are timid by nature. They feel like they can safely raise their hand to ask a question or give an answer when there aren’t so many students around them. It’s common in a large class for just a few students to dominate in terms of participation. They drown out the other students, and it’s not uncommon for weeks to go by without the teacher hearing from the quieter students in the class.

Greater Evaluation and Accountability

Because things can go unnoticed in a classroom with many students, it is difficult for teachers to properly evaluate their pupils or hold them accountable for failures to meet expectations. In terms of evaluation, the attention a teacher can pay to a student in a small class leads to an enhanced capacity to diagnose challenges and put the student on a trajectory toward success. On the accountability side, behavioral issues can persist and worsen when they are ignored. It’s important that eyes are on the students and their actions, so that problems can be nipped in the bud, and students can learn from their mistakes.

Because of these reasons and more, parents and decision-makers should prioritize optimal class sizes for students. When a student is heard and understood, the learning process accelerates, and tailored decisions are made to greatly benefit the student. When a student is lost among a sea of many others, they tend to stay lost. At Lynn-Rose School we offer small class sizes for our students. Reach out today to hear more about the best high school in the area.

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