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Private schools are well known for offering the best in education. About 95% of private high school graduates go on to a four-year university compared to only about 49% of public high school graduates following the same path. A private school helps to instill a love of learning, but that is not all a private school education can do for a student.

What Is the Secret Sauce at Private Schools?

How do private schools get such great results? Private schools use a multi-layered approach to making school a primary focus. In most private schools, teachers are highly qualified. That means they have education and they continue to educate themselves on the best ways to teach children.

Some people would say public school teachers can also be highly qualified, yet they do not get the same results. In a private school setting, it is not only the teachers that are making the difference. There are other factors that help to keep kids on track for academic success.

More One-On-One Interaction

Class sizes are smaller at private education institutions. That means that teachers really get to know the kids in their classes. They are able to spend more one-on-one time with the children to help guide and tutor them. Children are not vying for the teacher’s attention because the class sizes are smaller and there is a lot less competition.

Community Is a Big Deal

There are fewer kids usually enrolled at private schools than there are at public schools, which creates a tighter-knit community where the children are put first. This sense of community helps to keep kids accountable for their grades and pushes them to succeed.

Parents are highly involved in the private education setting. They are encouraged to provide feedback and participate in school functions. In many cases, home values are the school’s values. Children are given the same message at home and at school.

A Commitment to Academic Excellence

Curriculum is designed to promote academic excellence and developed with each type of learner in mind. A lot of time and effort is put into considering what is working and what is not working to engage kids and help them along on their academic journey. There is no disputing that what private institutes are doing is working.

It’s easy to see why private school students are succeeding; they have fantastic instructors, plenty of support, and a welcoming community. Learn more about what private education has to offer your child by contacting Lynn-Rose Schools today.

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