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The best international schools are changing the face of education. From smaller class sizes to a more global approach to education, the best international schools are improving education. However, there are some myths associated with international schools. Here are the top five myths about international schools and why the myths are not true.

Myth #1: They’re a New Idea

If you have doubts about the validity of international schools because of the “newness” of the idea, you can rest assured that while the programs are progressive, international schools are not new. Since the 1970s, international schools have been educating students around the globe. These schools have high standards, challenging curricula, and highly qualified staff members. They prepare learners for academic success. International schools have been a proven effective educational system for the last 40 years and will continue to flourish.

Myth #2: They Cost Too Much

The best international schools have tuition rates in line with other private schools. In most cases, the tuition rates are lower than in other private schools. Investing in your child’s education is always a good investment, plus international schools can be very affordable.

Myth #3: They’re Hard to Get Into

Everyone is welcome to apply to international schools. According to ThoughtCo, there are a limited number of seats with very small class sizes of about 12 students per teacher, so you should apply early, but the application process is easy. No one is discriminated against for disabilities and accommodation is available.

Myth #4: They Limit Chances of Get into College

There is a myth that you will not be accepted into a university if you go to an international school. The fact is that the best international schools ensure that students get the education they need to get into university. Your application cannot be denied because you went to an international school. Only low grades can get you denied.

Myth #5: They’re Too Easy When It Comes to Education

International schools have rigorous academic requirements. Students are expected to work hard and test well. There are different approaches, but that doesn’t mean that students do not learn. It means they learn in a meaningful way, which leads to better information retention.

Before you believe the rumors, you should contact an international school to learn more facts. Give us a call or visit us today at Lynn-Rose Schools. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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