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Private schools can offer many benefits that public schools cannot, but not all parents know the facts behind what makes private schools better. If you are torn between enrolling your child in a public or private school, here is what you need to know about what makes private schools better.

Expert Teachers

Teachers in private schools are some of the best, and 60 to 80% usually have an advanced degree in their chosen subjects. This means that children get to learn from teachers who thoroughly know their subjects and won’t just be teaching from a book without adding anything beneficial to the lessons.

Smaller Classes

The smaller class sizes found in private schools is another benefit that should not be overlooked. With a smaller class, each student can get personalized attention, and no child will be at risk of falling through the cracks or getting left behind if they need help with a subject. Classes with a teacher-to-student ratio of 12:1 are common and are much better than the 16:1 ratio that is the average for national public schools.

In addition to personalized attention, these smaller classes can also allow teachers to get to know their students better, as well as allow students to get to know each other better. This can promote communication and foster lasting relationships with peers.

Higher Conduct Standards

Another way that private schools excel past their public counterparts is by promoting a higher standard of conduct. This means that conflict resolution is emphasized early, as is respect and compassion. The values taught in the classroom help direct students towards a path of less conflict and fewer distractions. This allows them to focus more on their lessons, as well as enjoy being a kid.

Additionally, because uniforms are often a part of the dress code, there is less emphasis on appearance, as everyone is at the same level. This can reduce bullying based on clothing, something that can be rampant in public schools.

Higher Educational Standards

Along with conduct standards, the standards of education are also higher in private schools. And children who attend private schools regularly score 60 to 70 points higher on the SAT than those who attend public schools. This is due to the specialized teaching from expert teachers, the smaller classes, and the fact that tutoring and support are regularly offered to help children achieve their fullest potential.

If you are debating about whether or not a private school would be best for your child. Consider just how much better private school education and culture can be when compared to public options. When you know the facts, the choice can become much easier.

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