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As a parent, you want your child to have the best education possible. Therefore, if you’re located in the Mississauga area, you should consider enrolling them in an international school. Here are just four reasons why.

1. Diverse Education

Education at an international campus is top-notch. Your children will have a range of subjects, including art, music, STEM, and robotics. Their education will encourage critical thinking and not just rote memorization and test-taking. As a result, students can expand their intellectual prowess and be prepared for a world increasingly focused on innovation and self-guidance.

2. Individual Attention

A typical public institution comes under fire due to overcrowding. Such districts often have large classrooms of 30 students and overworked teachers, creating situations where many students fall through the cracks. With such a poor ratio of students to teachers, it’s hard for children to get the individual attention they need. On the other hand, private institutions offer more individualized attention since classrooms have fewer students.

At Lynn Rose, on top of our International School Partnership (ISP), we also utilize the International Baccalaureate (IB) philosophy. According to Good Schools Guide, the IB Primary Years Programme focuses on students through the pivotal ages of three to 12. When children can have focused educational attention at these young ages, it can give them a strong foundation to continue on a robust educational path in our IB Middle Years Programme, high school, college, and beyond.

3. Nurtured Talent

There are many children whose talent doesn’t prosper because of a lack of nurturing. When it comes to such talent, they need the right environment at both home and in the classroom. At an international school, children have a chance to nurture their talent, whether it’s in science, art, music, or technology.

4. Global Leadership

Globalization is the norm. With people traveling worldwide, moving to different countries, and using social media more than ever, individuals are no longer isolated. Therefore, the more comfort a child has in communicating with different people, particularly in different languages, the easier it’ll be for them to fit in a technologically advanced and interconnected world.

The program at an international school is the best option for your child to shine. They’ll benefit from being around many other children and trained teachers who are committed to intellectual growth. To learn more about what an ISP in Mississauga, ON can do for your child, contact Lynn-Rose School today.

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