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For many American parents right now, college is at the top of their priority list. The reality is that college admissions are highly competitive. Students are not only competing in terms of their SAT and ACT scores but their GPAs and extracurricular activities, too. Universities, in turn, are attempting to raise their levels of prestige by only accepting students with the best possible resumes. Going to a respected college can open many doors for students as they set out into adulthood, and parents of course want to give their children the best possible prospects in life.

That’s why you should consider private high schools. Why? Attending private high schools can in fact aid students in gaining acceptance to the colleges of their dreams. In fact, about 95% of non-parochial high school students go to four-year post-secondary institutions, while just 49% of public school graduates do the same. So, let’s look into how private high schools can make a difference for prospective college students.

1. More Rigorous Academic Standards

As many of us know, public schools are underfunded, and their curriculums can vary. While some school districts offer good public schools, many have lower standards. This can lead to students performing poorly. Even students with good grades at their own schools are not necessarily guaranteed to get into good universities, as they may perform poorly on standardized tests. The better the private school, the higher the academic standards.

2. Connections to Universities

While going to certain private high schools doesn’t guarantee student acceptance to certain universities, many universities do recognize specific private schools based on their reputation. Therefore, they may be more interested in students that come from those schools, as they’re familiar with their academic standards.

3. More Qualified Teachers

Often, private schools have higher hiring standards for teachers. This means that they’ll hire more teachers with terminal degrees who specialize in the subjects they teach. Not only will these teachers potentially offer a better education, but they may also be able to offer better letters of recommendation and college preparation.

Going to a private high school may not guarantee admission to a certain university, but they do set your child up for success. Consider researching private high schools for your children today!

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