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Academia has become much more competitive over the last decade. According to ThoughtCo., about 10% of students in the United States attend private schools. There will often be an interview process to gain entry into private schools. Here are some questions you may face in a school interview.

Do You Have Any Extra Curricular Interests?

In interviews at private schools, it’s typical to discuss more than just academics or future plans. Often, you’ll be asked about your interests and extracurricular preferences. This question invites you to share your passion for sports or your desire to participate in civic organizations.

What Is Your Passion?

The interviewer may ask about your passion. This question helps the interviewer gauge if the school can fit your needs. Let’s say you are interviewing at an Arts and Science school, and your passion is learning more about the law; this may not be the right fit for you, and the interviewer will note that.

What Are Your Greatest Strengths Academically and Why?

The whole point of the discussion is for the interviewer to get a snapshot of who you are. They will ask you to explain your greatest academic strength and why you think you are strongest in that area. They will also inquire about your greatest academic weakness and why you feel it is your weakness. It is a good idea to prepare your answers before the interview. These types of questions are almost always asked.

Why Do You Want to Go to School Here?

During the interview, you can expect to be asked what draws you to their school. They understand that you have choices and are keen to understand what sets their institution apart for you. There’s no definitive answer to this question, students select schools for various reasons, whether it’s the strength of the sports program, the reputation for academic excellence, or other factors that resonate with them.

One of the best ways to ace any interview is to be prepared and give honest answers. Start preparing today to ace your private school interview. To learn more about our programs, give us a call today at Lynn-Rose School.

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