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There are several factors that make an international school stand out. It is important to note that it’s not every international school that practices true internationalism. Therefore, it is important to know how you can assess and see whether an international school stays true to its name. Like private schools, most international schools value teachers who have degrees in their chosen subject. For instance, about 60 to 80% of private school teachers usually hold advanced degrees in their chosen subjects as well. On the other hand, most of the other schools only require their teachers to be licensed to teach. Here are some of the factors that make the best international school.

Strength in Diversity

International schools that feature a wide range of nationalities and cultures enable students to have the opportunity to understand different cultures in an authentic way. The best international school is one that empowers young people and gives them the toolkit they need to enroll in any university anywhere in the world. Schools must be globally-connected, and it has to have access to global context to drive understanding. This allows the school to be very adaptive, innovative, and forward-thinking.

Puts True Internationalism into Action

There are ways to assess whether an international school practices internationalism. Parents can visit the schools and soak up the atmosphere. It is also important to ask questions and see the school in action. There should be international energy and excitement at the school, and this is what makes the best international school. People look at internationalism through different domains. However, the one important thing is that the school should really focus on creating well-rounded individuals. The students should learn in such a way that they develop their personalities beyond the realms of the school.

Developing the Whole Person

The best international school should focus on education beyond an academic curriculum. They should give students a chance to develop themselves in different ways. This means there should be a lot of extra-curricular activities as well. For instance, students should be able to join sports teams. This will enable them to have lots of friends. They will also be able to get an appreciation of what the school spirit is. This holistic approach to education also enables students to work in teams with people from different backgrounds.

These are the factors that really embody what it means for a school to be an international school. It should be a diverse learning community of parents, teachers, and students. Also, a good international school must offer an environment and community that can support several milestones for both children and parents. Children who learn at these schools will be able to build the confidence to thrive in new locations.

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