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The journey from elementary school to high school and then to college are all pivotal transitions in the academic careers of students. A private school offers a unique educational environment, which greatly helps a student prepare for college success. Let’s go over some ways these private institutions promote a path to higher education.

Academic Programs

Most private schools offer a rigorous academic curriculum for their students. They are designed and fine-tuned to both challenge and engage the students. These difficult courses prepare them for the intensity of college courses. International Baccalaureate courses, known as IB courses, allow your student to get college credits and work towards a degree before graduating high school.

Smaller Class Sizes

A hallmark of private education is the ability for your student to be a part of a smaller class. With fewer students in each classroom, the learning environment is much more tailored to each student’s needs. It also allows teachers to provide more individualized attention to the students. This will let your child gain a far deeper understanding of the subjects, preparing them for higher education.

Holistic Development

When your child attends a private school, you can trust they will learn more than just academics. Many private institutions promote holistic development through teaching fundamentals like strength, wisdom, and integrity. By the end of their education, your child will have learned how to reach their full potential, value respect, international mindedness, leadership, confidence, strength, wisdom, and integrity.

College Counseling Resources

Many private schools offer dedicated college counseling services to students. This allows students to better understand the college application process and which schools fit their aspirations and needs. Having an expert by their side throughout the entire process will make your student more comfortable and prepared to begin higher education.

According to the Council for American Private Education, private school students, by their mid-20s, are more likely to have a bachelor’s or advanced degree when compared to public school students. If you’re looking to enroll your child in an exceptional private high school, reach out to Lynn-Rose School today. We are a leading IB World School dedicated to your child’s growth. We look forward to meeting you and your student!

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